We have a theory about the current state of the drone market: There are some fun and capable machines for under $500, but you really start to get into the best consumer drones if you spend more than that. Our list of the best drones under $1,000 truly represents our top recommendations if you are buying a hobby drone today.

At this price point, we’ve moved beyond toy class drones and the majority of FPV racers, we’re now looking at the lower-end of the camera drones. These are the entry level drones for those looking to capture those epic aerial photos and video. Let’s dive in.

The best drones under $1,000

DJI Air 2S: Best camera for the price

DJI Air 2S

The DJI Air 2S is not the best camera drone on the market, but if your budget is $1,000 or less, then this is the drone for you! The 20MP 5.4K camera is unmatched at this price point, and the drone is no slouch either. Enjoy solid flight times, class-leading connectivity range, and the newest versions of…


Source: www.dronerush.com