Following the controversy over the use of its products in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, about the last thing leading consumer drone manufacturer DJI could have wanted was one of Moscow’s top military leaders praising the Mavic as “a true symbol of modern warfare.” That, however, is exactly what the Shenzhen-based company got in a recent post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, raising the question: What’s Mandarin for “oy vey?”

In this hyper-connected, instantly reactive era, that shout-out from a figure many in the public will associate with Team Evil is the sort of toxic product endorsement any company would gladly do without. But with DJI already having weathered rumors its products aided Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and continuing to endure US government blacklisting of its drones as alleged security risks – it must have been particularly chagrined by Russia’s former chief of the general staff of the armed forces