Seems it was a sting operation.

Premier Doug Ford is joking that his meme-worthy swallowing of a bee was an opposition drone designed to spy on him.

At the start of his speech to Association of Municipalities of Ontario delegates in Ottawa on Monday, Ford pretended to dislodge a toy bee from his throat.

“I finally got him!” he said to howls of laughter from conference attendees.

“You know he’s been hanging around for a while — he’s twice the size that he came in.”

During a press conference on Friday in Dundalk, 125 kilometres north of Toronto, a bee flew into the premier’s mouth while he was responding to reporters’ question.

“Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee. He’s wedged in my throat. Man, he went right down the hatch. He’s down here buzzing around right now. There’s a lot of real estate there,” he said at the time.

The premier, who does not suffer from anaphylaxis and did not require any medical attention, said he knew the video clip would go viral.