MOSCOW ($1=62.25 Russian Rubles) — Russia continues to carry out “in-situ modernization” of some of its armored vehicles in Ukraine. A T-90M Proryv tank, which is one of the latest versions of the T-90 family, was spotted in Ukraine with a bizarre-looking ad hoc armor fit.

Latest Russian T-90M tanks with bizarre-looking ad hoc armor fit
Photo credit: VK

An elongated, hand-made, and welded grille towers over the tank’s turret. Similar “constructions” have not been unknown since the beginning of the war. Even before the war started in Ukraine, wrote that a Russian T-80 tank with similar armor was spotted in Crimea. Now the T-90 has apparently received a “field modernization”.

Assumptions vary. Some believe that this armor should absorb the energy of loitering munitions, including drones. Others think the homemade armor is designed to reduce damage from an FGM-148 Javelin missile attack. This missile attacks from above and its warhead has a sequential detonation. That is looking like a…