A2Z drone delivery new winchA2Z Drone Delivery New Winch, RDS2, Delivers Any Box Up to 22 Pounds

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crosby

Commercial drone delivery solutions developer A2Z Drone Delivery is launching its second generation Rapid Delivery System, the RDS2.

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This automated delivery winch does not require specialty cargo boxes, and boasts the highest payload capacity on the market at 10 kg/22 pounds. The company is also launching the RDST, a new off-the-shelf integrated cargo drone delivery system for last mile deliveries. These new products align with the company’s goal of addressing consumer-protection concerns with residential drone deliveries. In carrying out their deliveries from altitude, A2Z Drone Delivery’s solutions keep spinning UAV propellers far away from recipients, and reduce the privacy and noise-related concerns that come with low-flying drones.

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Source: dronelife.com