Days after a US drone strike killed Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul, another drone fired missiles in the Andaro area of Ghazni Province in Afghanistan and it seems that this one is also a HVT (High Value Target).

A High-Value Target (HVT) is a target (a person or resource) that an enemy requires for completion of a mission. The term has been widely used in the media for Osama Bin Laden and high-ranking officers of Al-Qaeda and are considered essential to the completion of enemy operations.

Taliban seems to have no information regarding the same.

In a tweet, Sumaira Khan, a defence analyst of a media outlet wrote, “Reportedly another drone fired missiles aiming at high profile foreign-hailing target at Andaro area of Ghazni Saturday evening. The Taliban said there is no info on the nature of target.”

Another journalist Mushtaq…