review Autel Evo Lite+Review: Autel EVO Lite+ is Owning the Night

by Paul Rossi, DRONELIFE Contributor and Chief Operations Officer and Chief Pilot at Nine Ten Drones.

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2022 is the year of pushing the chip shortage to the edge by developing smaller UAS that are more reliant on multiple microprocessors and chips to enable their advanced autonomous functions that enable data collection at scale.

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Autel Robotics has remained in step with the competition by introducing the EVO Lite+ and the EVO Nano+, two drones boasting capabilities consistent with what the industry is demanding. Both platforms have taken what’s great from the EVO II and packed them into smaller aircraft that are useful to commercial and recreational pilots.

Autel Robotics has further developed their proven UAS technology producing a drone smaller in size with a visual payload that is enabling commercial users…