DroneNerds is a top drone reseller, offering a wide variety of services and support.  They’ve helped enterprise clients from many different verticals – and they’ve published a new ebook based on their experience supporting clients to help new entrants implement a successful enterprise drone program.  The following is a DroneNerds guest post by Senior Marketing Manager, Ana Coronel.  The full eBook, 8 Tips for UAV Program Implementation Success, can be downloaded here.

Tips to Implement a Successful Drone Program

Implementing a drone program is one of the most efficient ways to modernize a business’ existing workflows. With powerful, versatile UAVs, organizations can automate manual processes, using the drones as front-facing sensors that link into existing IoT environments, collecting and processing data quickly.

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Because commercial drone use is still in an early adoption phase throughout the market, many organizations may…


Source: dronelife.com