iFlight BOB57

iFlight’s new BOB57 6″ FPV drone was specially designed for long-range flights. It comes with GPS positioning and an optional ELRS or TBS Crossfire radio receiver. The 6-inch frame has an H-shape design and 6mm thick arms.

In addition to the onboard FPV camera, can be equipped with GoPro 10 for cinematic 4K recording. According to the advertised specs, with a 6S/4000mAh battery, you can have more than 9 minutes of flight time.

Key features

  • 6-inch drone re-engineered: This drone was specifically designed for 6 inches;
  • H-shaped frame: Robust middle section for less props in view while remaining stiffness;
  • XT60 front mount: Compare to other drones the mount sits in the front and gives;
  • Built-in BEC to directly power for GoPro (no battery needed);
  • Hy motor design: This motor is optimized for 6 inches. Can be used with bi- blades (efficiency) and tri-blades (agility…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com