Today, the world’s largest drone manufacturer released a new firmware update for the DJI P4 Multispectral quadcopter. The firmware version is v00.00.0159.

The DJI Phantom 4 Series has long been dead as far as DJI is concerned. However, for many professional drone operators, the Phantom 4 Series remains an all-time favorite quadcopter that is especially well suited for Drone Mapping missions. 

The latest addition to the DJI Phantom 4 Series was the DJI P4 Multispectral, which was first introduced in 2019.

The P4 Multispectral is a high-precision drone equipped with an integrated multispectral imaging system designed for agricultural missions, environmental monitoring, and other applications. With this technology, the P4 can collect exact data at the plant level.

Dji P4 Multispectral Quadcopter Receives New Firmware Update - V00.00.0159

P4 Muiltispectral firmware update overview.

  • Date: 2022.07.25
  • Aircraft Firmware: v00.00.0159
  • Remote Controller Firmware: v00.00.0159
  • DJI GS Pro App: v2.0.17
  • DJI Assistant 2 For Phantom: v2.0.10
  • DJI…