Military experts say drones have influenced the war between Russia and Ukraine more than in any other military conflict.

The pilotless aircraft first started to be used in war about 20 years ago. That was when American soldiers first fired on Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, experts say the nation with the strongest drones will likely be in a good position.

Fighting started in late February. After about five months, the drone fleets on both sides are depleted. As a result, the nations are looking for replacements.

Drones are in demand

Ukraine is looking for supplies from NATO.

A recent report from the administration of American President Joe Biden said Russia is hoping to buy “up to several hundred” drones from Iran. The Iranian drones have gotten past air defense systems supplied by the U.S. Those defenses are currently used by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Samuel Bendett is with the security research group CNA.

He said…