Grambling State University, a historically Black college in northern Louisiana, has announced that it is starting drone patrols on the campus. According to Police Chief Rod Demery, security drones will help his department get a better view of the events on campus.

Demery told local media Tuesday he expects drones to help out a lot:

Identification. Following people that should maybe not be here. It’s not necessarily the sole purpose of a drone to do any one thing. It’s to aid in what we are doing. If we are doing some sort of surveillance crowd control. It’s just another tool in our toolbox. A lot of police departments are going that way.

Demery is not wrong. The use of drones on US college campuses is definitely on the rise.

While most universities use drones for academics and research and have designated special areas on the premises for drone flying, San Francisco-based nonprofit digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation has identified at…