To facilitate sustainable, local cacao production for the finest chocolate, XAG agricultural drone is adopted by cacao growers in Ecuador and provides relief to labour shortage during the busy season.

As more plantations struggle to improve efficiency and remain profitable, farmers are now seeking better solutions to combat plant diseases that can flourish with rainy spells. XAG’s drone technology steps into Ecuador’s cacao gardens to spray timely after rains, protecting cacao fruit from yield loss with trustworthy effect.

More Efficient Spraying Solution in Sloped Farm

As the world’s leading export of cacao, Ecuador is the top spot of high-quality cacao beans, the major ingredient of single-origin chocolates. Small farm owners account for over 90% of the cacao producers. However, the downward trend in cacao prices and the capricious weather have pushed more pressure on preserving yields.

This season, Ecuadorian farmers are opening their arms to embrace drone…