By default, many drones’ gimbal sensitivities are set too high. However, a lower sensitivity and pitch speed can help you get smoother looking shots. You can usually change the gimbal sensitivity and pitch speed by going into the settings of your drone, or advanced settings (via Dronegenuity). The pitch speed determines how fast the gimbal moves the camera up or down, and pitch smoothness is how slowly or quickly it stops moving the camera. 

If you’ve set your drone to Cinematic or a similar mode, this may also decrease the gimbal sensitivity and speed automatically. However, changing it on your own can be a good idea to get a feel for what the different levels of sensitivity or speed are like. The way you set these may also depend on what kind of shot you’re going for. Your gimbal settings may be different, for example, depending on if you want a fast-paced action shot or a slow, gradual aerial shot.