The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and HHLA Sky, a Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG subsidiary, will deploy autonomous drones, ground robots, and ROVs to perform port infrastructure inspections. The unmanned systems will also be used to provide an overview during calamities. The drones will be monitored remotely from a high-tech control center.

Flying, driving, and floating

“In the event of storm surges, accidents or other calamities, flying, floating or self-propelled robots can be on site considerably faster and provide high-resolution videos and photos for an exact overview of the situation. The time saved can be decisive in an emergency situation,” said Jens Meier, chairman of the HPA Board of Directors.

The flying, driving, and floating drones are not only suitable for calamities but also for inspection work.

Meier: “They make the maintenance and expansion of the port infrastructure considerably more efficient, for example in the case of facilities that are…