Litchi for iOS, one of the top automated drone flying apps on the market, now fully supports DJI Air 2S. Meanwhile, Litchi for Android has added a media gallery that lets you review and download media from the drone’s storage.

Flying DJI Air 2S drone with Litchi for iOS

Preliminary support for the Air 2S in Litchi for iOS was added in March when the app declared compatibility with the Mini 2 and Mini SE aircraft. The issue back then was some bugs in the DJI Mobile SDK were preventing Litchi from unlocking automated flying for the Air 2S.

For example, after ending an autonomous or semi-autonomous flight (waypoint/orbit/follow/track/focus/VR), it became necessary to restart the app to begin a new autonomous flight. Some issues with gimbal movements and disabling “collision avoidance” were also noticed by the developers.

All these issues have been fixed in v2.14.2 of the app. Litchi for iOS now fully supports the popular mid-range Air 2S drone whose Fly…