RunCam Thumb Pro

RunCam, one of the most popular drone camera manufacturers announced their new Thumb Pro camera that weighs just 16 grams and comes with UHD recording. The Runcam Thumb Pro is suitable for almost any size CineWhoop and other kinds of FPV drones. It can record 4K@30fps or 2.7K@60fps videos (up to 60mbps).

As it is intended to be installed on a drone, does not have a built-in battery. The Thumb Pro camera is powered directly by the flight controller (500mA@5V Max). It can be remote controlled via a UART port. The camera measures 55x26x21mm and can accept up to 256GB micro SD cards.

Camera basic operations

Power On/Off Automatically turn on when powered on, the red light is always on
Cut the power or long-press the button to power off
Start/Stop recording Click the shutter button to start recording, and the red light flashes
slowly / Click the shutter button again to stop recording, the red
light is always on
Mode switch More…