Drone maker Yuneec is readying to release a new hexacopter, the H850 RTK, which has been designed with commercial applications such as infrastructure inspections, surveying, public safety applications, and fawn rescue in mind.

Yuneec says its new aircraft can deliver up to 65 minutes of air time, depending on the payload and weather conditions. And there’s a great deal of flexibility that Yuneec is offering in terms of payloads. For example, all payloads compatible with its previous commercial offering, H520E, can be used with the H850-RTK.

An equal emphasis has been placed on flight and data security too, with the drone maker insisting, “Flight data belongs to you and to nobody else.”

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The H850 is equipped with a dual IMU, compass, barometer, and two smart batteries. According to Yuneec, the drone can land safely even if one of its motors stops functioning midair. Similarly, the…


Source: dronedj.com