A drone deployed to capture the action at Henley Royal Regatta crashed onto a spectator’s boat after malfunctioning. The drone incident happened last Wednesday when the device collided with the Celtic Queen, a hard-topped boat.

It was witnessed by Playhatch resident Robin Page, who was aboard his boat, PageBoy.

He said:

“It had been hovering at about 300 feet, and I saw it drop vertically out of the sky and had clearly lost all control. Passengers were standing just 3 feet from the impact, and one passenger had a piece of debris in his hand,” Page reportedly said. “The drone piece sank immediately. Had it landed on the passengers, it would have killed them or caused serious injury.”

“Had it landed on my open-style boat or on any other of the majority of regatta open-style boats there would have been death or very serious injury. Flying drones this weight and size directly above people seems bonkers and totally irresponsible, particularly where there is open…


Source: dronexl.co