Japan’s HexaMedia has completed a survey of a live volcano, using a drone.  The volcanic survey was sponsored by the Japan Meteorological Agency as part of a larger disaster mitigation program.

This article published in collaboration with JUIDA, the Japan UAS Industrial Development Association.

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HexaMedia investigated a volcanic crater 2,500m above sea level.  The flight was completed beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), using UgCS for 3-dimensional flight route planning and automatic navigation.  HexaMedia completed the mission at night, as sunlight affects the surface temperature of active volcanos.

HexaMedia, volcanic survey by drone

Drone takeoff and landing locations were set up at a safe distance from the volcano, outside the restricted area at the foot of the mountain.  “For the first time, Mount Asama was flown at an altitude of 2,568 meters, a maximum flight distance of approximately 4,500 meters one-way, and a maximum altitude difference of…


Source: dronelife.com