Ajay Banerjee

Robotic surveillance platforms, 5G communications, air defence systems backed by augmented reality, real-time application of artificial intelligence in border areas, quantum computing labs that are building complex algorithms to prevent the enemy from hacking into encrypted data, automated drone detection systems and unmanned combat units for tank formations.

This is not the wish list of a Hollywood sci-fi movie, but is the reality of new technologies which are finding their way into the arsenal of the 1.1-million-strong Indian Army. The force has taken a technological leap to sharpen its war-fighting edge.

Customised requirements

  • In the past two months, the Northern Command and Eastern Command have had two major technology symposiums with industry.
  • The idea is to identify unique and customised operational requirements. At the ‘North-Tech’ symposium in May, Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi said…


Source: www.tribuneindia.com