Here’s a taste of something that will get you drooling if you are a tank enthusiast like we are at 19FortyFive. The defense contractor behind the latest M1A2 Abrams upgrade package has something entirely new for a next-generation main battle tank. Called “Abrams NextGen,” General Dynamics Land Systems has four short videos of a newfangled tracked vehicle that only leaves you clamoring for more.

The overall design of the tank is difficult to make out as the camera quickly hovers over a black, shiny vehicle that highlights certain features. This gets your imagination primed for what’s in store.  

The ‘Wow Factor’ in Full Effect 

General Dynamics Land Systems split the preview into four clips. The videos are named “Legend Mode. The Next Generation of Dominance;” “Superpower. Cape Not Included;” “Brains and Brawn. A Lethal Combination;” and “Silent Strike.”

AI, Stealthiness, and a New Gun Could Be on the Way

The music is ominous and builds suspense….