Drone maker Yuneec has announced a new hexacopter drone model aimed at professional users, the H850-RTK business class drone. The system offers a flight time of up to 65 minutes and can be equipped with multiple cameras. Together with the H850, Yuneec also introduces the new T-one smart controller with a built-in 7” display. The system will be available from August.

H850-RTK Business Class Drone

In the marketing material that Yuneec has made available, the H850 is touted as a “multiple payload business class drone”. With the new system, Yuneec seems to be competing with DJI’s M300, but at a lower price.

The flight time of the system is 60-65 minutes. Without a camera and gimbal, the drone weighs 5.8 kg. The MTOW is 9.3 kg, which equates to a payload of max 3.6 kg. The range in CE mode is approximately 8 km. For positioning, the H850 uses RTK GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, and Galileo. Obstacle detection will be offered as an option at a later stage.

The H850 is…


Source: dronexl.co