Optelos digital twinsBeyond Drone Data: Optelos on How Digital Twins and Immersive Data Visualizations are Transforming Business

Optelos is a respected name in the drone industry: but drones have never been their only focus.  The company understood “it’s not the drone, it’s the data,” long before that phrase became a theme in the commercial drone industry.

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Optelos is a visual inspection data management and AI analytics platform, developed from the founders’ years of research and experience in data analytics and enterprise data management.  Designed from the outset to deliver business tools, Optelos has naturally evolved from managing the vast quantities of data produced by drone missions to developing digital twins, exact visual models of assets in the field – and moving beyond Digital Twins to an immersive visual understanding of an asset or a portfolio.

DRONELIFE spoke with Optelos VP of Operations Neil Inman about Digital Twins…


Source: dronelife.com