The aviation Police have launched an investigation into a drone pilot who had his drone take off several times to very high altitudes near Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. In at least one case, a DJI Mini 2 drone was flown at an altitude of more than 10 times the maximum permitted flight height of 120 meters in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport.

DJI Aeroscope drone detection system

The drone flights in question from Hoofddorp were noticed by a DJI AeroScope drone detection system stationed in the region.

“Illegal drone flights are now more often registered in the Controlled Traffic Region (CTR) of Schiphol, but the drone flights in Hoofddorp stood out because of the high frequency and major exceedances of the maximum flight height, in one case up to 1,400 meters (4,600 feet),” says Steef Boonstra of the aviation police.

Further research

“We have seized the drone and will now first read the data and establish the facts. Then we will interrogate the drone…