RadioMaster EP1 and EP2 Nano RX

A few months ago, together with their Zorro transmitter, RadioMaster also introduced two ExpressLRS compatible radio receivers. In this review, we will have a closer look at the RadioMaster ELRS EP1 and EP2 Nano RX ELRS radio receivers.

ExpressLRS is a relatively new radio protocol that is focused on range and latency. When it comes to remote drone operation, these are the two most important factors besides reliability. Being open-source is less expensive than other options like TBS Crossfire or Frsky system.

Tests have shown that it’s possible to get close to 10 km of range with just 50mW, for proximity FPV pilots, it means that they will need only 10-25mW to get 1-3km coverage without triggering a failsafe. Low latency is achieved by using up to 500Hz refresh rate for the 2.4Ghz version or 200Hz for the 900Mhz one.

ESP8285 based ELRS RX

Most ExpressLRS hardware, including the RadioMaster ELRS EP1 and EP2, uses SX127x RF modules and ESP8285 (with WiFi capability) or ESP32…