Like most, Pam found her flair for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at school. Combining her love for problem solving and already taking a pro-active role as a young Sea Cadet – Pam set her sights on a career on the Armed Forces.

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Pam Robertshaw

“I became interested in Engineering in my mid-teens and my physics teacher told me that good engineers would always find work. At the time, my father had been made redundant and was out of work for six months, so this was important to me.” Pam said. “I took Physics and Maths at GCSE and A Level, but I also took the opportunity to find out what a career in Engineering would really be like, so I signed up for a Women into Science and Engineering (WISE) summer holiday course during my A Levels. It gave me a real insight into engineering as a profession and the opportunities that could be available to me.”

Following her A Levels, Pam immediately signed up for the Royal Navy in the UK, her home, where she stayed…