Just now, a rendering of the DJI Avata was shared on Twitter. The artist’s impression was made based on leaked photos that have circulated before. Will this DJI Cinewhoop drone be the next DJI product to come to market?

Based on the few photos that were leaked of the upcoming DJI Avata cinewhoop style drone, Inva + Sla created the following impression that looks like it might come straight from the drone maker itself.

On a blue background, we see the DJI logo and Avata name with the cinewhoop drone with ducted, three-inch propellers with five steeply pitched blades, displayed below. It is very accurately recreated and gives us a good impression of what we might expect.

If the DJI Roadmap for 2022, that was shared by DealsDrone is accurate, we might see the DJI Avata released as soon as July of this year.

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Source: dronexl.co