Skydio has released a new software update for its X2 Enterprise (X2E) drone, and it’s packed with some noteworthy features including new thermal contrast options, the ability to define a region of interest in an image, and improved infrared streaming.

To see the new features, you will need to update the software of your Skydio X2E drone to version 19.4.15, while the Skydio Enterprise Controller software you should grab is called version 20.1.29.

Now, there’s a known bug that you may face during the update process. The progress bar may revert from Step 3 to Step 2. But just wait a moment and your drone should continue updating as normal.

Coming back to what’s new in the June 2022 software update, here’s what to expect:

New thermal contrast settings

While thermal imaging color palette selection has always been available on the Skydio X2 Color/Thermal aircraft, the drone maker has now added four new presets to help users meet their operational…