A Drone Safety Day Special Edition: Protecting Those Who Fly RIGHT

Since 2019, the FAA has organized an annual National Drone Safety Awareness Week to leverage the power of the drone community to educate all flyers. Consistent with this years theme, Fly RIGHT(Register your drone DroneZone; Interact with others; Gain knowledge; Have a safety plan; TRUST and Train), most pilots follow the rules. The few outliers, often referred to as the clueless, careless and criminal,however, can damage the publics acceptance of drone technology. This article pays homage to one of several companies who endeavor to protect all of those in the skies who fly right: counter drone technolgy that enables legitimate drone operations.

TITLE: D-Fending the Skies

Drones provide tangible benefits to millions globally. They have reshaped the way modern societies function. As a result, the drone industry has soared.

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A May 2022


Source: dronelife.com