umjammable GPS for dronesDeltaQuad UAV Successfully Tests Unjammable GPS System for Drones

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crosby

The DeltaQuad, an industrial-grade Vertical Takeoff and Landing UAV that performs fully autonomous surveillance missions, recently integrated a ruggedized GPS system capable of enduring even the most advanced jamming technology.

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Despite escalating global tensions resulting in an increasing demand for aerial intelligence platforms, most current commercial platforms lack the means to defend against the latest jamming technology, having their GPS and communication links jammed before they can even take off.

To address this issue, DeltaQuad’s R&D team has worked over the past several months to successfully integrate one of the most advanced anti-jamming GPS systems currently available.

Equipped with the new anti-jamming GPS solution, the DeltaQuad was deployed in autonomous mode at close range to an active military jamming…