Red Bull show how they film high diver

Red Bull has shared a behind-the-scenes video that shows how its filmmakers deftly capture a high-diver leaping into the water. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve a drone.

The shot of a fearless diver jumping some 30 meters from a board is flawlessly tracked as the camera descends in perfect synergy with the athlete.

The beverage company posted the video in response to a person who wrote, “Drone skills so sick.” It was a fair assumption, but the video is not filmed by a drone and the company posted a behind-the-scenes video showing just how it was done.

In fact, standing behind the diver is a cameraman holding an action camera on a pole. As the diver makes his leap the camera operator throws the stick after him, timing it perfectly to capture a unique and dynamic shot of the action.

Daniel McKinley Walker responded, “Literally could not have guessed that,” while Michael Kelley writes, “I refuse to believe this work of art was produced by a stick.”