This Saturday, June 17, is FAA Drone Safety Day: and the Full Crew Podcast, Dave Krause of Influential Drones and Greg Reverdiau of the Pilot Institute have partnered to produce a video featuring FAA drone experts and FAASTeam drone pros.

Watch the Full Crew Video on Saturday June 17 at 11 am EST.

The video will feature Kevin Morris and Diana Robinson from the FAA, and Volunteer FAASTeam DronePros Mark Colborn, Dave Danielson, Adrian Doko, Dave Krause, Vic Moss, Sarah Nilsson, and Greg Reverdiau.


From creator Dave Krause of Influential Drones:

This coming weekend on Saturday June 18th the Federal Aviation Administration is promoting Drone Safety Day. It is a community outreach event. In previous years, Safety Day was recognized as Safety Week. This year, the FAA is trying something different.… I have chosen to reach out, because several have met me in person and know that I, like many of you, own my own drone business. I…