Ahead of the expected demand by operators of eVTOL aircraft, autonomous drone charging station hardware manufacturer Heisha has unveiled a new dock, V200, that can charge a vertical takeoff and landing drone in 120 minutes.

The IP55-rated V200 eVTOL charging dock comes with a large charging pad measuring 200 x 200 cm. The easy-to-transport product is integrated with an advanced temperature controlling mechanism and a self-diagnostic maintenance system.

Heisha CEO Lin explained that several drone companies focusing on the areas of border protection, power line inspection, and coastal area management had reached out to him in the past as well, looking for an eVTOL charging dock that would help make long-range BVLOS flights completely autonomous.

And Heisha did try to develop the technology. But it turned out to be a very costly affair. Transporting the dock from one place to another also proved difficult with the previous prototypes.

These problems were…


Source: dronedj.com