drones and high resolution lensesDrones equipped with high resolution lenses are a powerful tool in the fight to protect wildlife around the world.  Here, Yasuo Baba of Sony Digital Imaging gives us the specifics of the project between Quantum-Systems and Wilderness International.

The following is a guest post by Yasuo Baba, Director, Digital Imaging and European Product Marketing, Sony Digital Imaging Europe.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor receives payment for guest posts.

Protecting natural areas with drones and high-resolution lenses

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Wildlife, natural spaces, and rainforests are integral to our planet. They are not simply beautiful spaces; behind the scenes, an ecosystem is busy absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and providing water, shelter and food. Crucially, the nature on earth is a vital element in fighting climate change and keeping the planet healthy.

Despite its inextricable link with the planet’s health, biodiversity across the globe is…


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