The new DJI Ronin RS3 and RSC3 are expected to be announced by DJI Pro at 9 am (EDT) on June 5th in a special live event.

Just minutes ago, DJI Pro sent out an official announcement for a DJI Pro 2022 New Product Launch Event that promises to “set a new standard.”

DJI RS3 and RSC3

The announcement is accompanied by a ‘mysterious’ photo that shows bits and pieces of what we can expect.

In the photo, we see what seems to be a wine refrigerator with a glass door. Behind the glass, on the top shelf, we see a camera that might play a crucial part in the DJI Ronin’s ability to track and help the main camera focus on the subject, possibly with the help of LiDAR technology.

On the second shelf, we see the part of the gimbal arm that prominently displays the name Ronin.

On the third shelf, we see what might be part of the wireless transmission unit that would allow you to control the gimbal remotely. Looking closely we see two antennas and the DJI logo…