ToolKitRC M9

In addition to the lots of inbuilt functionalities, the ToolKitRc M9 features cool voice alerts and a multi-angle colour display. With a size slightly bigger than your smartphone and output power of 600W, it is very portable and powerful. Is the ToolKitRc M9 the only charger you need on your drone backpack? Let’s find out from this review!

Along with all electronic gears, battery chargers also evolved a lot in the last few years. Now, they are smaller, much more powerful, safer, and packed with tons of handy features. The ToolKitRc M9 is intended to be used in both ways, as a field and desktop charger. Featuring a wide range of input voltage (7~35V), with the right adapter, it can be powered from your car’s cigarette lighter socket or a high-capacity LIPO pack. Thanks to its 65W USB Type-C out, it allows charging your drone battery, mobile phone, tablet, and even your laptop.

ToolKitRc M9 features 

  • Multi-chemistry with up to 8 cells;
  • Massive 600W…