Though the Paris Métro may be over 120 years old, the famous underground subway system strives to stay young through modernization, and is now preparing to roll out new tech innovations that include robots and drones.

Operator Régie autonome des transports parisiens (RATP) has about 180 projects currently underway to test or deploy new tech applications to ease operation and increase efficiency and safety. Among those are use of Flyability Elios 2 drones in the Paris Métro to perform inspections of elevated assets, or access and visualize equipment difficult for humans or other machines to reach. A similar concept is trialing Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog to remotely check on nearly 230 km of rails and 308 stations.

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The hope is that use of the non-polluting, battery-powered tech like drones will take some of the wear and tear – and risk – out of ongoing, primarily manual inspection of the