Axon CEO and founder Rick Smith says he’s “pausing work” on the infamous Taser drone project until his company has had a chance to “fully explore the best path forward.” The announcement comes as nine of the 12 members who sit on Axon’s Al Ethics Advisory Board send in their resignations to protest the project.

The plan to equip drones with Taser stun guns was unveiled by Smith last week when he proposed to install these systems in schools and other public venues to deter mass shooting incidents.

“Today, the only viable response to a mass shooter is another person with a gun,” Smith said. “In the aftermath of these events, we get stuck in fruitless debates. We need new and better solutions. For this reason, we have elected to publicly engage communities and stakeholders, and develop a remotely operated, non-lethal drone system that we believe will be a more effective, immediate, humane, and ethical option to protect innocent people.”