Who would have ever thought that a drone weighing less than 250 grams would be enough to record a short nature film in near-cinema quality? Yet that is exactly what Denis Barbas convincingly demonstrates with his DJI Mini 2. Using his DJI mini drone, he made a series of impressive images of the mountains. The sound design and the poetic narrative complete the picture.

Wise advice and using the DJI Mini 2

For the recordings, Denis used a standard DJI Mini 2, equipped with Freewell ND Filters. For the colorgrading, he used a Cinematic Drone LUT that he composed himself.

In addition to the beautiful images below, Denis also has some wise advice in store for you. “I think people nowadays (myself included) focus a lot on the destination, rather than the journey itself, always looking for the illusion of happiness, or whatever goal we set, sometimes forgetting to enjoy, to live and just have fun to have in the process. Focus on the journey, not the destination!”


Source: dronexl.co