Canadian drone manufacturer Draganfly has announced the launch of its new North American-made Commander 3 XL drone. Draganfly is calling the high-endurance, weather-resistant, multirotor UAV the “Swiss Army Knife” of drones.

The easy to assemble and transport drone is compatible with a wide range of interchangeable payloads, including optical and thermal imaging solutions, specialized delivery containers, and Draganfly’s new LiDAR system which comes with a scanning range of 750m.

The drone’s fuselage consists of a simple rectangular tube. According to the manufacturer, each component has been designed specifically to ensure the airframe can pack down into a transportable case.

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The propellers, for example, can be quick-release or folding. Two quick-release arm assemblies insert into either end of the tube. Landing folds below each motor along the length of the arm. Batteries are…