Check out this video on Twitter in which an FPV drone captures Tom Brady’s fake hole-in-one. As Tom swings to hit the golf ball, a small quadcopter swoops in and follows the golf ball as it leaves the face of the club all the way to the green, where the ball rolls into the hole.

An actual hole-in-one is a very rare event that most golfers don’t even experience once in their life time. Off course when Tom Brady hits one there happens to be an FPV drone ready to record the very rare event.

If you wonder if this actually happened, or if some dark magic or trickery was involved. Well, we share your disbelief. It seems highly unlikely that this actually took place.

For one, the golf ball seems bigger than the hole. Secondly, why does Tom tee off from the middle of the fairway? Also, why does he put out videos like these? It seems that he is trying to sell merch from his label.

There are many awesome FPV drone videos out there. This is not one of them.

Fpv Drone Captures Tom Brady'S Fake Hole-In-One!