Having a drone in flight to video first-person view footage of football hero Tom Brady’s against-the-odds hole-in-one golf shot seems too serendipitous to be real. And that’s because it is – not real, that is – according to about half of the online viewers now panning it as a fraud.

This latest example of how social media will instantly turn anything into a wedge instantly dividing humanity arose on Wednesday, when Tampa Bay quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady posted the 34-second film of his one-shot exploit. It opens with a side view of his swing, Brady following the trajectory, and celebrating as if he’d won another dozen NFL titles after it drops. Footage then cuts to the drone approaching Brady behind, trailing the looping arch of the golf ball over the verdant course, and its audible (though not easily visible) arrival into the hole. 

While many online commentators have expressed astonishment, envy, and admiration at the


Source: dronedj.com