Urban-Air Port Charging StationAs a revenue source, Urban-Air Port will offer charging as a service for non-aeronautical vehicles at vertiport sites.

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Urban-Air Port has selected Osprey as a preferred EV charging provider for the AAM Hub Network.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crosby

Fresh off the heels of Urban-Air Port’s Air One event in Coventry UK, the company has announced that it has chosen leading charge point operator Osprey Charging as one of its preferred partners to supply charging for non-aeronautical vehicles at its vertiport sites.

Over the course of the Air One event’s three week run, Osprey provided several stations for a showcase of on-site ‘charging as a service’. This will serve as a crucial component of Urban-Air Port’s non-aeronautical revenue, delivered via the Urban-Air Choice digital platform.

Using cutting-edge technology, Osprey delivers foolproof rapid chargers, powered by electricity generated from 100% renewable sources….


Source: dronelife.com