Snap’s new pocket-sized Pixy selfie drone, which is available for purchase only in the US and France, comes with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) “Open” category CE C0 class identification label stamped on its battery compartment.

While it must be pointed out that European regulatory authorities are yet to provide drone manufacturers with a complete list of standards that would ensure compliance with various class categories, if there’s any drone expected to pass the requirements for class C0, it would be the 101-gram Pixy.

What is a Class C0 drone?

Drones bearing a CE class 0 mark and weighing up to 250 g can fly in subcategory A1, which means almost everywhere, except over assemblies of people, or areas that the state has forbidden by imposing a restriction on the flight of drones.

The $230 Pixy flying camera, meanwhile, is billed as the perfect companion to the social media app Snapchat. Pixy is capable of capturing 2.7K 30 fps…