In recent years, you have been able to admire quite a few drone videos of the Dolomites on DroneXL, but never before has an FPV Drone Video been included. It’s time to change that with the 4K cinematic FPV drone video Exploring the Dolomites, created by David Zalka.

The images were taken with a self-built FPV drone with a GoPro Hero 8 on top, in combination with ReelSteady.

The 4K Cinematic FPV drone video took four months of practice

“My introduction to FPV drone flying started 4 months ago when I decided I had to learn to fly like the guys from the videos on YouTube. The beginning was all about practice, trying, failing, crashing, fixing, and repeating, but man, I didn’t regret it. I bought a DJI FPV drone, but sold it not long after to build a custom drone myself.”

“I’m more into cinematic images than freestyling. I immediately had the desire to climb the Italian Alps in the Dolomites and dive off those mountains. So here’s my first cinematic FPV…