DarwinFPV Tiny APE

The DarwinFPV Tiny APE is perhaps one of the best pre-built budget-friendly FPV drones I’ve reviewed. It comes with a high-quality RunCam Nano 4 camera, a powerful 600mW VTX, and a versatile F4 flight controller with an onboard ELRS receiver. Let me show you the pros and cons of the TinyAPE 2.5″ freestyle quadcopter.

FPV drones offer the most immersive flying experience you could have with quadcopters, but that First Person View comes with its own challenges. Before you start with this hobby, you should practice with computer RC simulators, otherwise will be just a short and expensive visit in the FPV world.


Flying FPV can be dangerous in many ways, for example, when I tested the DarwinFPV Tiny APE with the FPV headset on my head, I felt something that smelled of me. I had to make a quick decision, to let myself be eaten alive by a beast or remove de the goggles and crash the drone to defend myself :). I decided to make a quick turn and fly back to…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com