The drone light show in Coventry, which is part of the UK City of Culture celebrations, drew around 27,000 spectators.

It was a gloomy night in Coventry, yet according to the organizers, 27,000 people came out to witness 360 drones take to the air to perform the aerial spectacle.

It was said that the Our Wilder Family event, which lasted for 16 minutes and took place in War Memorial Park, was the longest drone show ever seen in the UK, according to the BBC.

The show that took place in Coventry on Sunday evening was the third and final event that took place over the weekend to celebrate the city’s last month as the UK City of Culture.

Gratte Ciel, an aerial acrobatic group from France, presented their show “The Awakening” in Broadgate throughout the course of both Friday and Saturday.

In addition, on Saturday there was a carnival procession through the heart of the city that was attended by one thousand people.

Video of the Coventry drone light show