This week we got the long-awaited reveal of the Mini 3 Pro from DJI, and orders are already getting delayed into June and August. So catch up on the rest of the top stories while you sip on your Monday coffee.

DJI releases its much anticipated Mini 3 Pro

DJI’s newest sub-250 gram drone is here and is better than ever. Sporting 4K60 video and 48MP photos, the Mini 3 Pro has raised the bar for what should be possible in a drone this light. Sadly the release came with a minor letdown – no live event like the Mavic 3 and M30 got. Just two short marketing videos and a few tweets.

Alongside the drone, DJI announced a new controller with a built-in display. Called the DJI RC, the controller is similar to the RC Pro, just lacking some of the more professional features, like a brighter screen and an HDMI out port.

We’ve had a chance to fly the Mini 3 Pro and the new RC for a few weeks now, and it continues to amaze us. DJI outdid themselves, fitting so…