Ukraine’s 53rd Mechanized Brigade Releases Switchblade Strike Footage – On May 6, Ukraine’s 53rd Mechanized Brigade released video footage of a Switchblade loitering munition strike on Russian troops.

Little in the way of details were offered in the Facebook post that shared the video, but in it, Russian troops can be seen in what appears to be a trench on Ukrainian territory. The drone strikes the road next to the soldiers, prompting them to run for cover.

Drone footage shows Russian soldiers running to nearby structures with corrugated iron roofs, where they quickly disappear from sight.

The video was accompanied by a message from Colonel Dmitry Titenko, written in Ukrainian.

“Being closest to the enemy, in difficult inhumane conditions, under the fire of enemy artillery, tanks, our infantry confidently advances and firmly holds the defense. It is the infantry who are the first to meet the enemy, get closer and destroy him closely. The infantry put an end to the battle…